Sonic Highways: Creative Power

I’ve been watching the Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways on HBO. I’d heard about the show from a few people, that it was inspiring, interesting, but didn’t really know what it was about. Then I saw the new Foo Fighters’ album of the same name appear in the iTunes store and decided to check it out.

And I’m so glad I did. I am on a high of inspired creative energy and pursuit.

To create their next album, the Foo Fighters decided to travel to a major city known for its music and record a song influenced by that city’s musical environment, musical history, and the faces of that musical history; focusing a great deal on the underground punk scenes of each city. They also talk about significant recording studios of the area and record there. Their reason for this was rooted in the idea that one’s surroundings, atmosphere influences the music that they will create. They wanted to mine from each environment and create an album of those inspired moments.

This idea resounded with me, because I have definitely experienced the power of environment on one’s creative powers, not only on a micro level (being in an inspired place or building of historical significance), but also on a macro level as well. Since moving from West Hollywood to suburbia, I have found myself having more difficulty creating and feeling less inspired, less creative energy. The area I moved to is surrounded by artistic influence, but I have found that I have had to be more proactive in simulating an environment that can help and inspire my creative efforts.

From watching this show, I have not only been inspired incredibly, but I have also come to the conclusion that learning about another art form’s creative process is beneficial and perhaps essential to one’s own craft. Not only do you learn about new ways of creating that you may be able to implement into your own creative process, but you hear the stories of more creatives and how they got to where they are today; maybe you can invent something new by combining your craft with an aspect of another.

I would suggest you watch this show, or at least a few episodes, if only to be reminded of the reason why people create, why you create, and that you can do it. Only you can create the song or story you have inside. Yes others may have a similar idea, but it isn’t yours. Why not join the chorus of creative voices and create something new. Maybe you will be the first and inspire those who come behind. You could change, maybe even save someone’s life. As creative people, I think it’s easy to down play what we’re doing, or creating, at least some of the time: ask the question “could I, little me, do something great or make something worthwhile.” But, why not you? Hiding your talent, the light inside of you is robbing the world of seeing a piece of beauty and I believe God’s glory.

All that being said, before I started watching, I was not a die-hard fan of the Foo Fighters. I don’t connect with their music as much as I do with other artists, but I am definitely more interested in what they do, and may even check out more of their music. I definitely have so much respect for Dave Grohl and may even have a co-creative person’s crush on him. Haha! His story is inspiring. Anyway . . .  I posted the promo trailer for the show below. Enjoy!


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