Journal the Fear Out

Fear of the unknown has been something that has been coming up a lot in my life lately. Not only am I entering a time of transition– transition seems to be a cyclical part of your twenties– but also many of my friends are entering new seasons in their life, trying to determine what’s next for them, or hoping that they will be able to make it to the next stage of life or their careers.

A month or so ago, I was art journaling about the things that cause fear or hopelessness in my life, and the ways (healthy and unhealthy) in which I cope with that fear and uneasiness. As I was finishing collaging and pasting magazine clippings into my journal, I felt inspiration to write. . . .

Fear is healthy. It keeps us from injury– self-preservation. But safety can only get us so far. Staying under the covers is good for an evening, and even a time. We need rest and recovery. But we were never meant to live there. We were meant to feel it all: try, jump, run, laugh, fall, cry. Evil uses fear to keep us from tasting life and feeling radiance, the beauty of this life and the infinite.

Fear . . . be not my ruler. The desire to live, be not my master . . . I am my master.

I will not give in to supposed-to’s, other people’s dreams. Shame, I releases you. I am imperfect, fallible, but I am enough. I am not my mistakes. I am powerful. I am beautiful. And I will not fade into the dust. I will not be nothing. I will live, and live with my arms, eyes, ears, and heart, open. I will feel it all.

If you can taste fear and swallow it.

You are unstoppable.

Much love to you my friends. May we live this day courageously.



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