The conundrum of the two lights; that which invades, and that which leaves.

We live in a world obsessed with beauty; with that which can be seen. The bending of light and shadow entering the eye, the stimulation of cones and rods, and firings of neurons making light and shadow into a “thing;” an image sometimes so beautiful that to behold it, sends vibrations down into the soul, and pricks every fiber of our being.

Then there is the light that we feel in the chambers of our heart. The light radiating off someone’s entire being, an other-worldly, fourth dimensional light. . . . The light of the soul, which inexplicably feels like life, a heaven on earth.

Oh to be a constant flame, unaffected by emotion, brain chemicals, and faulty perceptions.

To be alive uninhibited, unafraid.

For the light of one person is unlike that of another; beams reflected and bending into a unique being that is, and will never be again. An unforced smile, the sparkle in the eyes like the telling of a secret, of the unique soul within.

One of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed is a human being fully alive, awake, and unafraid and in total abandon, an unquenchable flame.

Oh that we could be in our own condition, and see our own beauty and flicker on into the night.


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